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Welcome! Here you will find Guides and Articles for Linux

This site is all about guides, tips and tricks. Written step by step with a corresponding YouTube video. Will try to add as much as possible about Ubuntu and Debian, and some Fedora. Will also drop in some information about RaspBerry Pi and Odroid, aswell as Plex. Feel free to request content in the "Contact" section and I will try my best to make it. This site is still very new so its not alot here yet. Dont forget to share if you like any of the guides here, it will only motivate me to create more and better content! :)


  • Navigate to Guides to find guides about:
    • - Debian
    • - Fedora
    • - Ubuntu
    • - Plex
    • - RasPlex
    • And more!

Whats stuff!

Navigate to What`s stuff to find detailed articles concerning many linux distros like Ubuntu, Fedora and Ubuntu aswell as information on SoC`s like RaspBerry Pi and software like Plex

About me and why I do this

I created this site to post alot of guides in a clean, nice environment, aswell as posting detailed information about the subjects I create guides for.

Actually, that is only half the truth... Also did this site to learn how to HTML, CSS and PHP. is the lovechild of me and my thirst of learning how to program. Had alot of tiny projects on blogger/wordpress, but they just looked to "bloggerish" and hard to edit the way I wanted it to look. Have had alot of 1 - 3 week's of trying to learn C, Python and similar, but I did not see results as fast as I do on a website. Just getting random outputs was just not satisfactory enough to get me hooked :) Tok only 1 week of book learning at home to get this site up. Reading HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites.

Not full of content ofc, but with a working navigation system, basic SEO and working YouTube integration. I am still learning, so I appriciate any feedback you want to throw at me. Easiest is to post on my Facebook page or Google+ page. Hope you get good use of the guides or articles posted here. If not, atleast I have all needed references for when I need to do some stuff over again after a year or so :) Not to mention the fun and the learning experience.