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Introduction to HTML

By: For: ComputerMentor Published: 13 July, 2016 Modified: 13 July, 2016

HTML is a markup language wich describe web documents. It is not coding per se, even tought many people describe it as coding.

HTML is based on alot of tags. < >. They all describe different document content. One very simple HTML page is based on these basic tags. If you ever forget them, just think of the human body:

Main HTML tags

  • You start with <!DOCTYPE html> declaration defines this document to be HTML5.
  • Wrap the whole webpage inside <html> and </html>
  • Followed by <head> and </head>. Inside there you fill meta tags and other information about the document
  • Place <title> and </title> inside the head. It will show your title in the web browser.
  • Under </head> and above </html> you place <body> and </body>. This is the actual stuff you get on your webpage

HTML Page structure

This picture make it easy to unserstand the HTML page structure. It shows how you nest different tags inside your document.

HTML Page Structure

HTML tags

HTML tags have one opening tag, like this <TAG>, and one closing tag with an added /. Like this </TAG>. Try out some tags below.

  • <h1> - Heading 1. Biggest one
  • <h2> - Heading 2
  • <h3> - Heading 3
  • <h4> - Heading 4
  • <h5> - Heading 5. Smalles one
  • <p> - Paragraph
  • <b> - Bold text

More tags later. This is just a basic introduction afterall.

Your first HTML Page

Comments are added using <!-- to open and --> to close. Below is an example for a very basic webpage. Edit the code and test out for yourself!

Last words

Creating one yourself

You dont need any special software you create your own webpage at home. All you need is a basic text editor and to save the document with a .html ending. There are alot of different more advanced editors available wich add color code to your tags.


You may have noticed I like to use identing. HTML do not require you to for it to work, but it is highly recommended. It make your documents alot easier to read.

More information

For even more HTML tags and information, check out my complete list in the HTML Cheat Sheet

Hope you learned something!
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