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Welcome to Making a Website!

Step by step tutorials on how to create your webpage, or entire website using HTML, CSS and PHP. As well as articles describing Search Engine Optimization to claw yourself to the top of that Google/Bing search and using Open Graph to optimize your social media presence.

Many of the tutorials here have my own website as guidance. There are several perks by doing it that way. First off you have a visual context to alof of the stuff. Often when you see navbar tutorials and other guides on the internet it is not easy to visualize how it actually works on a website.

I will use the phone first responsive web design method. It means designing the webpage for phone browsers first all laying vertically, and then add and rearrange for pads/desktops as the screen gets bigger.


HTML is a markup language describing web page. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. This is where the content is written.


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language. This is where the magic happends wich sets up the webpage visually


PHP is a open source server sided scripting language. It can be embedded in HTML and I use it to automate alot of the webpage tags

Search Engine Optimization and Open Graph

Without good SEO you slips trough the cracks og search engines and dont show up unless people dont find what they search for and go trough many searchpages. The days where you chould just spam alot of meta keywords on the webpage is not valid anymore. Good riddance if you ask me, but it also made it ALOT harder to crawl your way up and get clicks.

Open graph is a way to optimize the way your content is shared trough social media. An aspect being more and more imporntant to get people to click and view thing other people have shared.