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What is Fedora, and why is it awesome?

Fedora... Straight from theyr website "The Fedora Project's mission is to lead the advancement of Free and open source software and content as a collaborative community." Big words, but do they deliver?

If you want are willing to sacrefice some stability to get the latest software versions, Fedora is the Linux distro for you. They often lead the way and other distro's follow after. For example Fedora was the first distro to have systemd as default in 2012. Ubuntu just recently started to use it in the latest LTS(16.04).

One thing i like alot with latest Fedora Server is the Cockpit Management Console. It make it possible to controll the server, even a group of servers, in your browser. Just type in the IP:9090 and you can start/stop services, open a console, view logs, edit storage setups with more. Bet this is standar in every Linux server distro in a few years. It was very neat.

Now to the official system requirements:

Fedora Fedora Server
CPU 1 GHz 1 GHz
Memory 1024 MiB 1024 MiB
HDD 10 GB 10 GB

It also need a video card who manage 800x600 for Debian Server. A more powerfull one is needed for Desktop version.

Where Debian have over 50k packages, Fedora have 22056 at this date. Fedora is actually a very good VM. Fedora has always been a market leader in virtualization technologies using the latest technologies. Always at latest stable Linux kernel. Where Debian and Ubuntu use apt-get, Debian use yum since it is a rpm system a opposite to .deb

So to sum up, if you want a stable Linux distro who just work, go with Debian! If you perfer something a little more cutting-endge or if the old kernel cause some kind of problems, go for Ubuntu. If thats not enough, you also have bleeding-edge Fedora.

You can read more and download at the official website.

Hope you learned something!
If you find any typos, got questions or just want to say hi, please do so in the comment section below :) Dont forget to like and share

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